In our last blog post, we discussed goals ApexonHealth strives to achieve. What we didn’t mention is how we achieve these goals.

Newton AI is the ApexonHealth answer to Digital Transformation of the RCM life cycle. Given our experience with all aspects of the RCM life cycle, we focused our energy on evaluating sub processes that benefit from digital technologies. Our aim was to build a set of digital components that use open technologies, Opex cost models (Cloud), inter-operate 3rd party systems (API), scale-able technologies (e.g. Hadoop), allow for continuous improvement (run small experiments continuously), enhance user experience (technology complexity hidden from users), and augment team productivity by using machine learning and sophisticated analytical models all within an established security framework. We have built tools from intelligent ingestion of data right through Executive Dashboards. Within the Newton AI platform, there are specialty specific components as well multi-purpose components that can be used across specialties. Several these solutions have been deployed in On Premise, Cloud and Hybrid modes.

Our successful models have been built using a multi-disciplinary team of RCM, coding, data science, statisticians and software architects. Over two years ago, we dedicated the above team and gave them a set of business use cases. Through constant experimentation we both succeeded and failed with a variety of RCM use cases. This has been an iterative journey for us where the cycle of exploratory data analysis, data collection/cleansing, building/testing analytical models, time studies, Natural Language Processing, Medical Data Dictionaries, operational integration etc. is an ongoing way of life. The result is a set of prebuilt analytical models, intelligent data ingestion/management software, visualization etc. Our experience has taught us that one size does not fit all. As an example, denials are dependent upon patient population, payer mix and a host of other factors. What our pre-built models allow us to do is rapidly explore and test business outcomes. We have frequently achieved transformative change within 6/8 weeks of using our current accelerators. Let us show you how Machine Learning and Data Sciences are transforming RCM.